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Sakura Women's Program

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Women's course.jpg

Sakura Women's Program


Develop UNSHAKABLE Confidence. Get Empowered.

10 Person Seminar

Designed to make practical self-defense skills accessible and not intimidating. Our Women's Self-Defense Seminars are all about empowerment. They develop the necessary framework to create a proactive mindset and to teach foundational physical skills to women of all ages. 

This is a Women's Only class that openly addresses up-to-date issues faced by women in today's society. You'll develop UNSHAKABLE Confidence in your abilites after this course. 

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  • How to keep yourself safe in today's ever-changing conditions

  • How to break through mental barriers that have been holding you back from living to your fullest potential

  • How to manage and eliminate fears in your daily life

  • How to trust yourself when under pressure, and when the right decision matters

  • Why your mind is your greatest weapon, and your best asset, if you know how to harness it.

10 Person Seminar

And the best part? You'll learn in an exciting group setting, with women you know and trust. Learning with your best friends, your family, and your loved ones, you'll share an unforgettable, EMPOWERING experience together. 

We cover all of this and more!  

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  1. What is empowered living?
  2. What is Personal Safety?
  3. Unique challenges faced by women in today's society in regards to personal safety 
  4. Situational Awarenss training for mental clarity and fast decision making
  5. the philosophical and legal bases for self-defense
  6. They psychology of conflict
  7. What FEAR is, how to use it properly, and how to overcome it
  8. How to use your clothes, purse, and other common items as Improvised defensive tools
  9. The 3 Yuuki Defense Principles - Easily applied and universal, they are effective in any personal safety scenario
  10. A POWERFUL, active workshop segment using specially designed drills and exercises that let you practice what you will learn in a REALISTIC way. You'll walk out with UNSHAKABLE confidence. 
  11. How to connect all of these concepts, drills, and training experiences to your everyday life, EMPOWERING you to make better decisions, and live FEARLESS. 
10 Person Seminar

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