Achieve Empowerment through personal safety training

Whether online or in person, we believe that learning about personal safety shouldn't be mysterious or intimidating. We believe it should be accessible, well-designed, and above all... effective. Our programs teach you how to have a proactive mindset, along with realistic self-defense skills, using active-learning strategies that anyone can master. 


Live Training (Ft. Lauderdale Only) 

bamboo prograM

The Bamboo Program is not for the faint of heart. This is real karate, in-depth & long term. Bamboo encourages positive lifestyle changes in mind and body, through a combination of modern training methodologies and traditional foundations. Long-term karate training develops a radiating confidence that improves quality of life immeasurably. It wont be easy, but it's worth it. Not everyone is accepted into this level of Yuuki Defense training. Are you up to the challenge? 

Live Training

The Yuuki Experience

Unsure about training "martial arts"? We get it. The benefits shouldn't be out of reach though! Enter The Yuuki Experience. The fastest, most accessible individual empowerment course on the market. There's no martial arts stigma here, just amazing content designed to help you break though and experience a new level of living! Everyone needs to know and understand about personal safety in the modern world...but we've taken it 10 steps further. The Yuuki Experience is more than just street smarts. It's about unleashing your true potential; it's about living EMPOWERED.  

Live Training

Sakura Women's Program

The Sakura Women's Program is designed for groups of women, family and friends, who want to develop unshakable confidence when it comes to their personal safety. Addressing up-to-date issues faced by women in today's society, Sakura delivers practical, accessible, and effective skills in a comfortable and safe environment. This is not women's self-defense like you've seen before. You'll walk away with rock solid confidence; confidence that blossoms into EMPOWERED living. 

Global Virtual Training

Yuuki Defense online

Yuuki Defense Online brings the Yuuki Experience to you! With hours of exclusive video content, detailed learning guides, and step-by-step instruction, you can EMPOWER yourself right at home! Sign up today for a first access pass!